Monday, 27 February 2017

Pradeep Walia Wants to Use His Business Skills to Help

Pradeep Kumar Walia has always shown a keen ability to come out of adversity better than he went in and he would love to help others to do the same. Even with his demonstrated ability to understand business and make money, he has always derived the most happiness from helping others. Despite the ups and downs he’s experienced, he is always tried to focus on helping those less fortunate, even at his lowest points. If he had no money, he would give his time. For example, he helped Mother Teresa’s orphans at one time and another time, he handed out blankets to protect people from the cold,

Over the last few years, Pradeep Walia has developed a singular focus on developing a style of philanthropy that uses an entrepreneurial structure to make it more efficient and effective. Through the Pradeep Walia Foundation, for example, he has helped to launch several NGOs in India, such as Jimba, that help the poor prosper within the capitalist system. He is also trying to bring high quality health care to underserved areas of India, Africa and even rural areas of the United States.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Organizational Volunteering and Pradeep Walia

Pradeep Walia does more than just give money, he also gives of his time. He has volunteered for many different organizations such as Warm Blankets Orphan Care and Mother Teresa Orphanage. When times are good, Pradeep Walia enjoys being able to provide financially in order to help these causes, but when he couldn’t afford to give money, he would volunteer his time because that is something anyone can give. He makes a note to always give no matter the circumstances in order to help the community to be better taken care of and make sure that the people that are in need get the help they desire.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pradeep Walia, Philanthropist

One thing that can be said about Pradeep Kumar Walia is that he has always been able to demonstrate a striking ability to overcome adversity throughout his life. This is obvious when you look at what he did in 1987, when he came to the United States from Calcutta, India with a total of $20 in his pocket. From there, he managed to get a great education from Slippery Rock University and he also earned an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University and before long he was running Atlas Software, a $20 million company. All of that happened in less than a decade.

Of course, that is only part of his story. Besides a keen business mind, Pradeep Walia’s major focus has always been on helping others. Even when he was at his lowest points, Pradeep has always tried to help those less fortunate. When he could scarcely afford to give people money, he volunteered his time, whether he was helping Mother Teresa’s orphans or providing blankets to those who were out in the cold, he has always been willing to give of himself wherever he can.

These days, Pradeep Walia has focused on his philanthropic endeavors and giving his money away. Through his personal foundation, he has launched several NGOs in India, including Jimba and several others, and he is active in attempting to bring high quality health care to underserved areas of India, Africa and even rural areas of the United States because that will help people live better lives.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Rags-to-Riches Tale of Pradeep Walia

Put simply, Pradeep Walia knows how to make money, despite significant adversity. He has showed this tendency through all of the ups and downs of his life. However, in addition to the inspirational of his career journey, where he went from arriving in the United States with $20 and was running a multi-million-dollar company within a few year, there is also a strong charitable spirit.

Even those who know about his entrepreneurial journey are only getting half the story.
Pradeep Kumar Walia has overcome a lot of great ups and severe downs during his life, including several recessions, and bounced back every time. But through it all, even during the worst periods in his life, he never forgot the adversity he has overcome in his life and he never given up on his belief that the most important thing in life was helping others.

Even at those times when he was unable to help people with money, he always volunteered his time. He helped Mother Teresa’s orphanages and he provided people without homes with blankets to keep them warm. His was a rags-to-riches story that would make a great movie and Pradeep Walia hopes to one day make a patriotic movie of his own. He’s currently writing a script, so we’ll see.

However, these days, Pradeep Walia is more concerned with giving back. His personal foundation has launched several NGOs in India designed to help the poor manage in the capitalist economic system, including Jimba. He is also working to bring high quality healthcare to underserved areas of India, as well as those in Africa and even rural areas of the United States. He hopes to continue to bring many people the opportunities he was given when he came here.